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The new trailer of ‘It: Chapter 2’ gives a new meaning to the word terror

Posted 2019/07/185780

The new trailer of ‘It: Chapter 2’ with the return of Pennywise gives a new meaning to the word terror

The sequel to Andy Muschietti based on Stephen King’s novel opens on September 6 in theaters with actors such as James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Skarsgård.

After offering it  in the frame of the Comic-Con 2019 of San Diego that has just opened its doors , Warner Bros. has spread the new and terrifying trailer of the expected  It: Chapter 2 (September 6), based on the novel of the same name of author Stephen King . After triumphing at the box office worldwide with It (2017) -more than 700 million dollars collected-, the Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschietti  ( Mama ) returns to get behind the cameras to finalize the history of the Losers Club .

Set 27 years after the events of the first part , the long recovers the young stars of the previous one – Jaeden Martell, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, etc. – although it is now headed by the adult versions of the characters:  Bill Denbrough  ( James McAvoy ),  Beverly Marsh  ( Jessica Chastain ),  Richie Tozier  ( Bill Hader ),  Mike Hanlon  ( Isaiah Mustafa),  Ben Hanscom  ( Jay Ryan ),  Eddie Kaspbrak  ( James Ransone ) and  Stanley Uris ( Andy Bean). And all of them, of course, will be martyred now by a Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) hungry for revenge after moving from predator to victim.

The screenwriter of the film , the also director of Annabelle returns home  Gary Dauberman, already announced last June that It 2 would be very very gore . And the truth is that the result, as you can see in the trailer, does not disappoint. In addition, Bill  Skarsgård  has also gone into detail in what sense his Machiavellian character will be different . “Actually, he’s been doing this forever, so it does not change how you would change your appearance,” he revealed earlier this year on EW . “Adopt the form you want for any dam of the moment, but I do believe that there is a change …The arch of the first film is that he, for the first time, experiences what fear is. His last word – “Fear …” – is he experiencing it for the first time. And it is as if he felt stupefied, perplexed and surprised. Feel something like: “What is this?” . Take your one-way ticket to Derry and start by watching the new trailer.